Baguio Love ❤❤

10:10 PM

Traveled Baguio with my siblings and mom last February 9-12 :)) were not supposed to be there because its the National Competition of Robotics and Tugsayawit. The school of my mom won 2nd place on the Regional Competition so they need to be in the National Competition, they are sooo good!! Fortunately, they won the 2nd place (Robotics and Tugsayawit) in the National Contest ❤❤ #BatangasPride 

First top in Teachers Camp for the registration of the stuedents. Go picture time :D hihihi

at the Skyrise Hotel :)))) ❤❤ supeeer cold
our home in 3 days!

this cutieee patutieee socks :for the cold weatheeeer "))

the view in Baguio is really awesomeee!! especially the flowers :)

this the Good Shepherd in Mines View Park where we bought some pasalubong!

The Lourdes Grotto, I think it is a hundred steps before we reach this grotto. Its just behind our hotel

Spent our first day here in Mines View Park :")))

Seeing this beautiful flowers!! OMGGGG so nice :) want some? lol

Naaaaaah, Baguio is really nice place! want to go back in summer hihihi. Had many more pictures but im too lazy now to upload it! hahaha. Really cold there, we chilled hahaha. Nkakatamad maligo even they had the heater, its still cold!1 brrrrr. Supeer proud of SASRNHS for winning 2nd place in the National Competition (sana may International) LOL. We had fun with them, my siblings and mom but dad is not with us because of his work. We dont have money now hahahaha. supeeer money burn!! whatever we saw, we bought it (silly baby lol) especially the souveniers. Hope to see Baguio agaaaain!! 😊 😊 😊

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