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12:18 AM

A month a ago was really a summer time for all of us, especially to me and to all of my fellow students out there! But how time flies so fast :( it's back to school again!! So here, take a look in this new blog post of mine on how I spend my summer vacation in our hometown; the Resort Capital of the Philippines-LAGUNA.

Gettin' my pose on one of the pools at Dona Jovita Garden Resort. I love their place cause it's too cozy and relaxing as well. You can see the place so natural like someone was in a province. Aside from having different pools (kid/adult), the ambiance of their resort will surely makes you feel relaxed. 

Who will say no to these view? :) I'm really happy that I with my family spent one of our summer vacation here.

Of course, my blogger ootd pose will never run out because of these views. So here I am :) P.S. please never get fed up of my face LOL.
And that's all of me taking that poses like a pro blogger hahahahah. I really admire all the bloggers out there for really taking hours just to make a good shot; and that's what i really do that day, like seriously :) so a big thank you to my sister for having a long long patience to me. 
Dona Jovita Garden Resort is not just a resort only, they also offer fun and exciting activities for the whole family and barkada like horseback riding, zipline, rapelling and more. And for the very first time, we tried zipline!!! All I can say is "AAAHHHHH" when it's my turn. I was really scared cause it's so high but when you're there, its just ok and you'll enjoy it! I supeeeer love that and will surely try it again :)
Idk if it's a real smile or what hahahah. I'm scaaaareeeed cause I'm next on zipline!!!

Kabado face!!!
I survived!!!! hahahaha not that too scary lol
It was fun then trying zipline, all I do was screaaaam and screeeaaaam!!! Hahahaha

And that's my summer vacation all about! Thanks for dropping by ❤

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