Black Out

8:30 PM

I've been eyeing lately that the trend now is mostly basic, the black and white palette on everyone's outfit. So I've decided to try a full black outfit (except from my shoes, cause I really love wearing this pink one) Wearing this simple tee plus a high waist pants will definitely my favorite one! I wore this when I and my college friends go out and have some bonding moments. I really feel comfortable and this time, I tried this trend. Because as you can see, I always wear bright colors or can I say a girly one? :) 

My mom back then doesn't allowed us to wear a full black outfit, and we don't know why. Maybe she doesn't like dark colors. My statement tee says "I don't wear black" but that's the opposite, right now I'm loving it! It's also best to try another outfit that can go well with me. And yes I will try new outfits that I'll mix and match to add another flavor for my blog! (cause I also want to be a stylist somedaaaay)

 I encourage everyone to try new different looks, for you to be able to explore more about your style.

Top and pants from an Online Shop
Cross body bag from Rubi
Jelly shoes from Cotton On

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