Bloggers United 10

9:30 PM

Aside from Christmas, Bloggers United is my most awaited time during December because I will have a chance to meet, greet and shop to all of the famous bloggers here in our country. Bloggers United 10 is here!!! This event will always be my routine even though its only my second time to attend now. I really enjoyed hoarding their closets at very affordable price (yes supeeer) plus a bonding moment with them. Everyone is so nice and they really approach everyone around. I can still remember on BU9 what I feel when I met them for the first time.

BU10 is held on December 6, 2015 @ World Trade Center. This is very special because World Bazaar is also there and you can go to both bazaar in just one ticket! More shopping more fun, right? Going to these events will surely gave a high satisfaction, you will surely enjoy the moment plus their sponsors are giving away too much freebies! Yey :) We had a chance to play where we can get gift certificates and discount coupons from Shopee and Flawless. Also I love the free print photos from Smart, its a polaroid-like that will be printed instantly whenever you post it on social media (how cool right?) 

I enjoyed shopping for Christmas and it will always had a sentimental value for me because it's from the bloggers ;) It will also have a time when I got really stuck picking clothes/bags/shoes, everything is worth buying and beautiful. If only I can buy them all hahaha. But what I really love is when I saw them again, it's like its my first time to see them again. But I got a little bit sad when the #BloggerBesties (Patricia Prieto, Camille Co, Laureen Uy, Nicole Andersson, Kryz Uy and Lissa Kahayon) is not complete! :( only Patricia, Nicole and Lissa were there because the others is in Singapore for prior engagement. Someday, I want to be part of this and I really want to continue my passion for blogging. Looking forward to BU11 and I hope they were complete again by then ;)


Tank top from Exclusive
3/4 sleeve from Krin-Kirin
Shorts from an Online Shop
Shoes from Rubi

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