Spot For My Sweet Tooth

10:05 PM

In this season, I as a teen want to explore more foods! Yes, I really love discovering new place to eat or hang out with my friends. But this post is for my love for sweets! I am a sweet addict girl :) I prefer eating these instead of anything hahaha and that's make me happy. They're my comfort food, best buddy and my favorite all the time. These were my few faves, enjoy. Let the sweet gaming begin!!

* Vanilla Cupcake Bakery
We all knew that VCB is the famous cupcake in town! Who will not love their cupcakes and the ambiance of their store? Definitely none. And I love their girly place that it really suits my personality and it just makes the people coming back here. My all time favorite is all chocolate cupcakes (sorry but i'm in love with chocolates since then) with matching frappe :)

* Starbucks Coffee
Ohh the famous coffee shop right? Not a fan of coffee but I usually buy from this cafe their frappe and their foods. I just love spending my time here because I love the smell of their coffee. This was not my usual hanging out place because I love trying new ones. But this is one is one of my faves because they really make a good one. Thumbs up!

* Krispy Kreme
If you don't know, I am an avid fan of doughnuts! Yes since I was a kid, this is really my fave. So krispy kreme came this really made my day. They offer a lot of different flavors that anyone will surely love.

* Tabelle Diner Cafe
Never heard of this cafe? This is just a few steps away from our school. Love their cozy place where students really want to hang on. They offer almost all! From breakfast, lunch, dinner, down to deserts. they have it all! But of course, their cakes and doughnuts and everything sweet is my favorite!

* Stoven
The newly opened cafe which is also near from me. Can't contain my excitement when this one opened. Because I want to try this definitely! They have pastries like brownies, cookies, and truffles. Right now I've been addicted to this because they're affordable and the ambiance itself. It feel so good to be here whenever my cravings attack. Lol

These were my all time fave spots when it comes to sweets! And will surely try more for a new taste!

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