10 Things You Didn't Know About Me

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 I've wanted to share this back then but I don't have time because of school and right know I really missed blogging. Anyway,  let me share my personal side to all of you. Hope you can take inside my personality. So here it goes!!!

The 10 Things You Didn't Know About Me :)

1. I'm Maria Elaine Villapando, 19 years on from Calamba City Laguna. A 3rd year BS Accountancy student in Colegio de San Juan de Letran - Calamba.

 2. I don't know why I chose that course but I believe it is God's plan for me. I don't even thought that I will took that because when I was in high school, they always said that Accountancy is full of mathematics which I don't really like cause I'm a math-hater (super haha!)

3. I'm a shy type person, at first. But when we've been close, you can now see that other side of mine; makulit, maingay, and sweet (my highschool barkada can prove that!) Sometimes I'm just quiet and I think that's really me. 

4. I'm now into blogging and I want to pursue it. This is my dream aside of becoming a Certified Public Accountant; blogging became my hobby and when I met fashion bloggers who inspires me it became my passion as of now. I want to experience the blogging world and met new people. This is my personal blog which I shared what I feel around, my ootd's and everything you need to know about me. And I'm that active because of school but I assure that I will make a blog post whenever I'm free.

5. Pink is everything for me. Too girly right? But since I was a kid, I really love pink which became my favorite color. It gives me my personality and take everything as a cool one. You can see all my things are mostly pink! I'm happy that whenever my friends gave gifts to me, it's always pink (like seriously, they know me well)

6. I'm an avid Hello Kitty fanatic! This started when I was in high school and when we have our Christmas party, I always received it as a gift and even up to now that I'm in college :) I have a mini collection which you can see on my previous blog post back then. It's not that too much but they have all sentimental values for me.

7. My mom doesn't allow me to color my hair (even I'm already 19 now -.-) She always said that my hair will be damaged but i want it soooooo bad! Maybe when I finish college, I can color my hair (2 years more hahaha)

8.  I have a different way on writing. Because my mom told me that when I was a child, I want to do on myself, discovering everything on my own (kinda weird) and then I was writing with different style on handling a pencil. I'm proud of it! Hahaha (I'll show you when we see it each other lol)

9.  I don't know how to cook. Yes at this age (cry cry) because I grew up that my parents always do it for us and right now my only thing that I do in our house is to study (You know it when you're an Accountancy student) Maybe I should learn so I can save my life. Sooooon!

10.  I want to gain more height! I'm only 5'3 and I want to be taller especially when I saw Camille Co, I want to have a longer legs but maybe this is not meant for me LOL. If only I can wish a genie so I can be a 5'6 maybe? Oh how I wish!

So this is all facts about me. Hope you get a chance to know me better. :)

Shirt Dress from Bum
Sneakers from Kicks
Bag from Secosana 

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