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For my second try on blogger's giveaway, I am super lucky that I've won again :) This makes me feel that maybe I should try and try on the next giveaways lol cause I love receiving gifts/goodies from them (who will not, right?) This time around, it's Ana Gonzales' Nuxe giveaway held last December. It caught my attention because I am not that familiar with the product. I researched on that and then found out that it was the no. 1 skincare in France and now it's here in our country so I decided to join.There are instances that I really forgot to take care of my skin because of some busy days and not knowing what is the brand that will fit my skin. Thank God that Nuxe came and based on the information I've known from them, gives me a second life for my skin. Although it would be my first time to try, I am confident enough that this is a good one based on the feedback and take note: No.1 Skincare in France. Going back to this giveaway, all I have to do is repost the photo and answer why I want to win those products. So these were my answer: " I want to win this nuxe products beacuse this will help my skin to all damages that might cause whenever I go especially right now, we have a bipolar weather and as a teen I always love having fun under sun and I need to protect my skin. Nuxe is the no.1 skincare product in France and were so lucky that we now have this in the PH. #NuxePh #NuxeXAnagon  " And on December 26th she chooses the winner and I'm really happy that it's me :) I'm so excited to try Nuxe products!

These products will surely be one of my favorite for this year. Let me share with you a little information for each item.

Moisturizing Cream Crème Prodigieuse® Enrichie 
This dry skin moisturizing cream with precious Blue Everlasting Flower extract is concentrated in powerful anti-oxidants. It moisturizes, revives and protects skin from oxidative stress.
Hydrated and protected, skin looks radiant. A rich, melting and luxurious texture with the legendary fragrance of Huile Prodigieuse®.

Dry Oil Huile Prodigieuse®
Huile Prodigieuse® is France's leading beauty oil*.
This multi-usage dry oil, made using 6 Precious Botanical Oils (Macadamia, Hazelnut, Borage, Sweet Almond, Camellia and St. John's Wort), nourishes, repairs and softens skin and hair.
It has a unique dry oil texture and a captivating fragrance.
For more sensuality, try our golden shimmer dry oil to illuminate your skin.

First Wrinkle Cream Nirvanesque®  and First Wrinkle Cream Nirvanesque® Eye Contour

This dry skin first wrinkle cream is a rich face cream with Peony and Blue Lotus seeds instantly and visibly smoothes wrinklesand lines by helping skin to relax. Skin appears immediately relaxed and nourished.
Facial features seems to be de-stressed and the complexion looks radiant. Day after day, fine lines are smoothed. Your daily wrinkle skincare to smooth first visible lines on your face.

This first wrinkle eye cream with Peony and Hyaluronic Acid instantly and visibly smoothes wrinkles and lines by helping skin to relax. It helps reduce dark circles and brightens eyes.
Day after day, the appearance of first lines around the eye are reduced for younger-looking eyes.

Moisturizer Cream Crème Fraîche® de Beauté

This moisturizer cream, melting cream with Plant Milks and White Blossom provides ultra-quenching and long-lasting hydration for 24 hours; it reinforces the skin's natural water reserves and maintains the optimum level of water in your skin. It soothes and reduces discomfort.
Leaves skin fresh, soft and plumped.

Face Cleansing and Make-Up Removing Gel Rêve de Miel ®

This gentle, soap-free make-up remover and cleanser with Honey and Sunflower cleanses, soothes and removes make-up in one go - whilst being kind to your skin.
Delights the senses and cleanses skin.

And that's all!! Viola, complete package from face to all over my body! This one is super amazing. Special thanks to Ms. Ana Gonzales for choosing me as her winner :) and with that, I'm super excited to try everyone's giveaway (why not? haha) I'm encouraging every girls to try Nuxe because we are so lucky that we have it now in the Philippines; this is the answer to all our problems on our skin, face, hair and body.

Photo description from Nuxe website:

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