On Weekends

7:52 PM

 During weekends, I love spending with my family in our house and sometimes going out with them or with my friends. What I really love about that is when we have a time to relax and forget all about the stress on school (because literally stressed, LOL) It's just my time to bond with them because during weekdays I'm really busy with school stuffs.  
 On this photos, its when I went out with my sister for some chill.When going out, I usually wear casual clothes that I feel comfortable. Probably shorts and light tops but this is one, I just made an experiment on mixing patterns. I tried the tie-knot top and the skort with my sneakers and it feels good! :) This is one of my favorite outfit combo so far! I love trying different looks that will surely suit my personality. For me, there's no bad/wrong in fashion-as long as you are confident on what you wear and it defines who you are, there's no mistake. 

Fashion sites, magazines and bloggers were my inspirations. I always visited their sites to know more about it and to be updated on how to style yourself. Magazines (any brand) really influenced me a lot because I had a chance to read all about (I always bought their issue monthly). I don't just stick to one fashion magazine, I love seeing different opinions. Also when fashion icons published a book, it also becomes my inspiration.
Everyone should know that you are a fashionable because you are the who make yourself dressed. There's no harm in trying! ;)
Top from an Online Shop
Skort from Ripples by Jenny
Sneakers from Kicks

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