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11:00 AM

Hooray for another year for us, hello 2016! :) 2015 is such an adventurous year for me and maybe for all of us. Full of mixed emotions indeed. We all faced memories and struggles with all the people we cherish the most. I want to thank everyone who has been part of my 2015. Thank you for an exciting journey and I can't wait to explore more this year. I want to face my weaknesses and let it all out!

And with that, I will share my very first blog giveaway contest I've joined. It's the Lactacyd Teens Start Fresh Campaign by Camille Co. I really don't try joining back then because I always think that I'm not that lucky when it comes to that. But this one is very special because it's from Camille Co which is one of my inspirations in blogging. As an avid reader of her blog and since she is my inspiration on everything (yes that's true - EVERYTHING - cause she is goals) , I became interested on this giveaway. I don't know why but this caught my attention. So I decided to join since the steps are easy-pie! It was held last October and what I need to is just complete the statement: “With Lactacyd Teens, I can now _____________. #StartFresh” and this was my answer:
"With Lactacyd Teens, I can now do my passion for blogging without any hesitations and insecurities on myself and others :) #StartFresh" Its just the first thing that came on my mind in completeng that statement because there are times that I really feel that I don't do blogging right and I'm afraid of what will others say.

And by these I became much confident to do blogging because I realized that there are no rules when it comes to these. It's all based on what we want and what we experienced. And especially as a teen, I need to have Lactacyd Teens to help throughout my everyday activities. It is really what girls need, a protection that will help us to boost our confidence and ignoring hesitations on whatever we do. This year will be a good one, #StartFresh and we will see the fruits of hard works that we all do and this will bring us new adventures and learning. Claim that 2016 will be our best year!

Thank you Camille Co and Lactacyd Teens! :)

Dress from Candies
Sandals from Jessica

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