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Topics I’m Scared to Write about on My Blog and Social Media (And How We Can #ShareDifferent)

Why do you blog or spend time on Facebook? For me, I blog about things I am passionate about and the personal side of me. The same thing can be said to people who spend time on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram. They want to share things that they love with their friends. 

As a student/blogger/teen, I really love spending time on social media. Everything should be posted to keep updated. I am conscious on my posts especially on instagram, we call the photos "instagram worthy" sounds good right? But as I go along on the social media trend, I asked my myself "Is this the reality? Is this what people really do or it's just their way on how to cope with other people even if it's not their thing?" These questions hits me. Now I wonder why. But when it comes to blogging, I am confident on what I share and write, this is my passion and I want to get out of my comfort zone.

But did you know that there are plenty of things that people don’t share on social media?

Mostly because they are afraid that they might be judged, ridiculed, or worse get fired. According to a study done by Pew Research, most of your friends on Facebook won’t share their opinion about a certain topic if they think it’s unpopular. This is a situation called spiral of silence.  People are afraid to speak up for fear of isolation.

It’s especially more difficult for bloggers. We have to be more careful of what we say. 

Some of the things I don’t talk about on my blog or social media are:
* Things that irritates me and I just keep going on the flow
* My own opinion because sometimes I feel that it was wrong

I think that's all from above list, I really don't share things that I am not confident and when I feel that it is wrong. But most of the time I always look forward on my blog posts to be more creative and from my personal side. To share a little bit about this, let me share to you this short story of mine. There was a time when me and my classmate back in high school talking about someone. We are not used to that person but still were getting pissed about him/her. What we do is we keep on telling each other the bad side that we feel for that person. And then we have a group activity, suddenly we became group mates and it's just like a child battle that time (now I'm really laughing at myself why I did that) we seemed nice on that person even if deep inside it's not. To finish the story, we faked to that person and we always said that we're okay. I know this is not that too much story for this campaign but if you will think; right now that social media has a big impact on all of us, it may be used as a tool to harm other people feelings. They can just post in one click that is not really a good idea. That's why Veems is here to help everyone!

The team behind the social app, Veems, has felt that many people share on social media but only topics that they think are safe or fit the status quo. While this is good, there are topics or questions in life that we must explore with other human beings. J The Internet and social media are supposed to be places where we can explore our ideas freely in the first place.

Here’s a video that perfectly captures the thoughts of people who would like to talk about some serious topics on social media:

If you’re an extrovert who have very strong opinions or an introvert who just love to ponder on the important questions in life, here’s why Veems is a good social app for you:

1. Share a public status privately. Just like on Facebook and Twitter, you can share what’s on your mind to your followers. But instead of just posting it on your timeline, the status is sent as a private message. It becomes more personal and you don’t have to comment, “will PM you” if you want to take the conversation privately. 

2. Because when someone replies to your message, only you will see it. This puts you in control of the conversation that you started.

3. Join public chat on Veems like the Anonymous. Iddo Goren, Veems CEO, started the Anonymous public chat to help people share their ideas and emotions more freely. There are topics and certain experiences that we go through daily that we just can’t share on Facebook. The Anonymous public chat is a sure hit--with almost 5 million messages sent in a given day. Users have talked about different topics from the struggles in school to sex, parenting, religion, and relationships.

Have you ever been scared on sharing your opinion on your social media?

Find out how you can share different on Veems by visiting their website and download Veems on Google Play, so you can hugot your heart out.

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