Breathe In

3:00 PM

As this second semester stresses everyone, I would like to calm and need to breathe in before our final exam. Those sleepless and tiring nights as well as all the efforts we made just for academics (now you know how it feel to be an Accountancy student, lol) really deserves us to unwind and free our mind just for a little bit. Right now is the Holy Week and we're still in school until tomorrow (Holy Tuesday) saaaad life. Because we started a bit late for this semester that's why until today we have classes. Just after this week, is the FINAL WAVE. Finally this semester is done. Seeing some of my other classmates back then on different schools, they already finished and graduation is approaching. But still, we need to follow our school and just go with the flow. 
Enough of that envy feeling. Right now I will just spend Holy Week at home with my family and will prepare for our final exam. All of us need to relax and somehow forget the stress/problems that we have. Proper management and I know everything will be fine. I used to always believe in this: "Study hard, party harder." LOL! 

Have a blessed Holy Week and happy vacation to those who are done with finals. xo

Top from Bazaar
Pants from TripleJFinds
Sandals from Parisian
Bag from Vern & Verniece Enciso (Bloggers United 10)    

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