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This will be my first blog post about my sister. To begin with I will introduce her to you, she is Maria Eloisa Villapando 16 years old, a first year BS Tourism student. Since #goals – whether travel/outfit/bff/squad/sister is everywhere around the corner, I decided to write this post about us. We are just like the typical sisters that you may know because of  a 3 years age gap we had a lot of similarities and also some differences but these does not affect our relationship, we are still close and developed good communication with each other. Cat fights, bitter sweet feelings, jelly moments name it all and I can tell you that we’ve done that until now and I guess ‘til the rest of our lives lol. Listed below were some of our hobbies/bonding that we used to do together:

Food Trip. In our modern generation, different food stalls were build up for our taste buddies. For us, we loved milk tea partnered with pica-pica like fries/nachos/stuffed shots as well as going to cute cafes (even though I do not drink coffee but we love sweeets!) where we can have an instagrammable shot!

Sharing Moments. At the end of the day, we always say something to each other what we’ve done throughout the day. Just like she told me what happened whenever she saw her crush (hays hahaha) this is also the time where I can checked if something unusual happened to her because you know ate duties.

Fun Shoot. She is my photographer! J Almost all my photos were taken by her because I feel comfortable with her and this runs vice versa, I also took her photos of course. We shoot our photos mostly when we go out or at home when we’re bored. So thankful to her because of the patience and efforts she gave to me, you know us bloggers we want to have a best photo for the sake of our blog x IG feed right :P

Shopping. I can say that this is one of my favorite bonding that we do. Whether it’s a window or normal shopping, I always want to have her on my side to check if the clothes/accessories I want fits me well. When SALE season is in the air, I updated her and I will just text her right away to accompany me.

And that was some of our bonding moments together. I can’t wait to travel, shop, eat and do whatever we want soooon - when we finished our school and become professionals. Having a great time with your sister is one of the best feeling the world, you have a best friend, best enemy, teacher, guide, protector all in one person. Although it’s not all about happy moments together but taking things easy and letting it be will be a good step for us to have a good relationship with them. Everything will fall into place, that’s what I always want to sink in my mind because as an older sister, I need to understand her and I am the one who will be a good example to her. Every moment should be cherished: happy or sad but still it leaves us a lesson to become a better version person of our lives.

For photos on this post, we are wearing twinning outfits because of the influence of Vern & Verniece Enciso, they’re our #sistergoals because as you can see all their photos on blog and IG (always on twinning) like OMG they both gorgeous and beautiful inside and out.  These two are my inspiration from blogging to outfits and right now to sister goals. Hoping that on next Bloggers United my sister will go with me so she can meet V&V :)

Dress from Jukaykay atbp.
Sandals from Parsian (mine), S&H (Eloisa)
Bag from Rubi (mine), Kimbel (Eloisa)

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