What Keeps Me Moving Forward

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Life is very unpredictable whereas we don't know when and where it will lead us. Growing up, you're taught that the possibilities are endless, which I truly believes in but on the other side if we we're being honest, it makes us find ourselves in the place in this world that is pretty much harder. Going through thick and thin, I'll always tell myself that all of this has a purpose. As a third year college student, everyday challenges come and go so here I wrote some of the things that keeps me moving forward throughout the day:
1. Believing in myself. What matters in life us whatever that makes me happy and doing what I want. Always keep in my mind that I can do it. Go girl power!

2. Time with God and thankful for everything. All the things that I have whether material or not, it's all from Him. A prayer is my great communication with God and I always make sure to do this every day.

3. Getting out of my comfort zone. Trying new things I have never done before is a working process right now for me. I used to and always be a shy type girl but saying yes to all challenges is a new mantra for me.

4. Supportive family and friends. The best cheerleaders of my life: my family and my best of friends whom I can always count on yet never tolerate bad behavior/attitude. They will listen to me and here to give advice and guide me.

5. Everything happens for a reason. Everything's going to be all right. Good or bad, world is still round and it keeps on moving so do I. Whatever happens is in plan of God.

6. Not afraid of mistakes. Those experiences somehow all started with screw-ups, which in turn gives me a lesson on how I can improve myself. Mistakes have always been a part of my life whether I made small/big decisions for myself. What I do is smile and laughs it out and learn.

7. Positive thinker. I cannot say that I'm always a positive thinker because fear is one that triggers me but learning to let go of negativity is a way and key to happiness. Cheers to stay positive!

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