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Social media gaming now has s big influence on all of us. If you're on Instagram habit posting those good shot photos or we called "instagrammable", we have seen how it changed and questioned our own style choices. As people traveled, how they dressed, and even on a usual day of their lives, we get into their world because of social media. But here's the question I have read on a magazine: "Is the pressure to post double tap worthy photos getting in the way of us living a truly authentic life?" You may be unconsciously setting a high standard for yourself just to be in and pretend that's what life is like for you, every day.

Myself is not an exception of course, I'm a self confessed social media addict :P just like everyone. I started and end my day through it. From waking up to sleeping at night, I used to check all of my social media accounts to keep updated. Seeing posts of my fave artists and bloggers especially on Instagram has been my inspiration. I just love how they put effort just to have a good shot (#BloggerProblems hahah. Feels!) But despite of changed and how social media entered in my life, I do not lead it to the point where I masked my myself through the photos I've shared. I always keep in my mind that this is who I am and you can see it in my personal life - behind social media. 

Logging my outfits, flat lays, foods, what went on my day or everything posted on the web is what I really like, I just want to share the things that I do and it's also one reason why I've been into blogging. I also learned through social media that authenticity goes a long way. You should not loose yourself and try to become something you're not that makes it look like trying hard.

Whatever you stand may be with what's going on around social media; it is important to stay true to ourselves. It has no rules and in fact we can post whatever we want but we should know our limitations. Do the things we like and post it on the web because at the end of the day, what really matters will come within ourselves.

Vest Top from LA Rose
Shorts from American Apparel
Heels from Bazaar

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