Tricia Gosingtian x Forever 21

2:00 PM

Tricia Gosingtian, a photographer & blogger whom I looked up to since then. I started to know her maybe 3 years ago and I will always be a fan. So when she announced that she will be having a style talk and meet & greet in collaboration with Forever 21, I get so excited because I really want to see her for the first time. And luckily I'm the one who got the RSVP for the event even my sister joined and she got the same also.  But that day my sister had an activity in school so she can't come along with me. I really had a feeling of not attending this event because my mom don't want me to travel alone. We're from Laguna and this event were in SM Aura, Taguig. But still just to see Tricia I forced my mom to allow me, and finally she said yes :) I don't want to missed this opportunity.

Enough of the story behind my alone travel (but I really had fun because I'm on my own that day lol!) The event started at 2pm and I came at around 3pm because of the traffic, as always. I enjoyed how she gave style advice to achieve sweet, sophisticated style. One reason why I liked her because of her style, I see myself on her because I dressed simple yet I always make it sure to add some chic look.

Look at the mannequin, twinning with Tricia! 

I love everything about these new collections! It just says who is Tricia Gosingtian :) All of these expresses different mood for every occasions. Hashtag for this event: #TriciaXForever21 #F21xMusic

Of course Forever 21 had a sweet surprise for us! Yeeeeey for a tea party :) My sweet tooth is super happy when I saw this tables! I can really live eating these sweets, a lot hahaha! Plus a cotton candy (weeee) and discount coupons! Thank you Forever 21!

A special performance from Reese Lansangan, was also witnessed on this event. I knew her because she had performed in our school (Letran Calamba) back then. I love her voice, it's so chill and her music was really good!

And of course a selfie with Tricia! <3 I felt shy to talk to her, I don't know why. But that's what I felt whenever I met bloggers hihi. Checking off my bucketlist now because I already meet all of my fave bloggers :) Cheers!

A big thank you Tricia and also to Forever 21 for having me here. We're so lucky to witnessed your new collection. This really means a lot to me. And until now I always remember seeing Tricia last Saturday. Thank you for being nice and simple! It was one of the best days indeed! Hoping to see you again. I'm always here to support you (#1 fan) Love you always! xo

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  1. Thank you so much! Hope you had fun! I was your excuse pala para makawala! Just kidding! See you next time :)

    1. Hahaha of course I will not missed this opportunity! I had a great time 😊 See you again!

    2. Hahaha of course I will not missed this opportunity! I had a great time 😊 See you again!


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