Vina Guerrero & David Guison x Forever 21

4:00 PM

For the last leg of Summer Soiree Blogger Series of Forever 21, Vina Guerrero and David Guison ended these with a special talk and meet and greet with their readers last April 22, 2016 at Forever 21 SM Megamall. It was composed of 3 series; first was Tricia Gosingtian and the other was Lissa Kahayon and Ida Anduyan. As you can see on my previous blog post, I have attended on Tricia but didn’t have a chance to join Lissa and Ida because of some personal commitment. These events will probably be one my favorites this summer and looking forward again next year, hopefully. I am happy to have the opportunity to meet new friends, learn new things and of course to bond with the bloggers that really inspires me a lot. Going back to Vina and David’s event, it was a camp themed afternoon, the setting was cozy and chill. And of course the food! (yummmm)

As they started the talked, we knew that this was Vina’s first talk ever because she always deleted emails whenever she had invited to deliver a talk on events. She has stage freight, I think same as me. From their old shoot photos until now, we saw how fashion evolved on them; the secrets on how they do their signature poses as well as the filters they used were also revealed. Thank you so much guys, it was a big help!

But of course my favorite is that they taught how to start blogging. I started blogging since 2013 and during that time I am not that active. Right now, I am more inspired to write because as time goes by, I can really say that this is my passion. The dos and don’ts were also given to us so that we never go out of track. Through this event I realized three things about my blogging journey:

1. I do it because I love it. Blogging is really fun because I can share my experiences, ootd’s, lifestyle, events and my personal life to others.  Those PR posts that you can see are not paid; I mean only one from all of the PR’s here are paid. I don’t write just because I want to earn from it. I am contented with what I am right and if this is really my career then God will lead the way.

2. I want to interact with other bloggers and learn from them. Just like these F21 events, Bloggers United, etc. I want to grow and learn from those who have been in this industry for so long. Life never stops teaching, right?

3. To get out of my comfort zone. As Vina shared about her stage freight, I also see myself in her. I was and always will be a shy type girl, self-confessed hahaha. But as I get comfortable with someone I got to show my weird and crazy sides (hi to my friends lol, they knew me very well) So now, I want to explore and discover things on my own. Maybe soooon I can jk. 

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