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Bloggers United has always been my favorite events twice a year. And so here it goes again yesterday, May 28, 2016 for it's 11th installment held at Green Sun Makati in collaboration with Passion Fly Bazaar. It's one of the events I looked up to because of meeting again the bloggers who became my inspirations when it comes to fashion, lifestyle and into blogging. And also raiding their closets in super affordable prices is what we all aimed for.

The pastel themed event started at 10am and ended at 7pm. Being a third time attendee, I never get used to what will happen or to what activities are in because I will always be an excited kiddo to see what's in for this 11th installment. And the Bloggers United team never fails, they make sure that everyone will enjoy and had fun with the bloggers. Music, games, inside jokes, name it all and they all served it to everyone.

Hosts for BU11 - Arnie Villanueva & Kelly Medina

On a serious note, I'm kinda sad because the Blogger Besties and the Enciso sisters were not around but their absence gave me a chance to interact with the other group of bloggers. Although I've known them already, it's the time that I get into them. Who am I talking? See below:

Vina Guerrero

Chin Chin Obcena

Katt Valdez

Arnie Villanueva

Tricia Gosingtian
I am thankful that this event is here for us to communicate with these bloggers/influencers who inspires everyone a lot. The day where we can chit chat, took photos and raid their closets. No matter how hassle it is to commute all the way from Laguna, it is all worth it. I really had fun and enjoyed the goodies I bought from them.

To end this blog post, I would like to say a big CONGRATULATIONS to Bloggers United Team especially to Ana Gonzales and Aisa Ipac for another successful event. Kuddos to all of you! Can we just fast forward to December for BU12? Yaaaay! See you guys again! Love you all <3 #BU11xPassionFly

Will publish a different blog post for my BU11 OOTD. Credits to photos I used from Bloggers United :)

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