I Want to Become Sample Room's next Beauty Insider

9:30 PM

Doing our skin care and body routine is probably one thing that is essential for all of us especially for women. As I go along my teenage years I became more conscious and concern on how I will take care and maintain my body. By the use of products that I've seen on commercials, print ads and magazines, I intend to buy it first without even knowing if it's worth the money I've spent on. And that time when Sample Room PH glimpse on my eyes on the internet one day. I can't believe that we have this company giving free samples just for everyone to try on. 

And right now, I intended to join on their search for a new blogger beauty insiders. Being on this blogger industry has been a competition as time goes along. The number of bloggers/influencers is really increasing. But for me, this never runs on my mind. Blogging for almost 2 years has started for me just for my hobby then turned into passion. I still consider myself a newbie but I learned a lot whenever I attended events on bloggers talk/meet and greet and Bloggers United.

I want to be part of Sample Room Beauty Insider because I want to grow more on my blogging journey, meet new people and learn from them. Trying out the products we are afraid to buy is essential for us to know if it suits our skin/body well. It is a great opportunity to share to my readers and friends what they have in store and their latest products to try on! I also want to get out of my comfort zone to do something I haven't done before on my blog, which is for beauty.

Joining on this search is such an experience for me. I just want to try and who knows if this will give an open door for me. As I always believed in, there's no harm in trying :)
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Best of luck for all of us who joined on this Sample Room Beauty Insider! xo

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  1. Goodluck and Godbless to you, so many bloggers nowadays but each is unique so no need to be worried ^^



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