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For all those skin and body regimen that we used, may it be our favorite or just a new brand, I always come up with the question: "Is it really worth it, or should I say effective?" Because I'm just a student I am still dependent on my parents. Even though I really save up just to buy the things I want, I also make sure that it's worth the bill. Growing up there are many companies producing products especially for women because we have a beauty and skin routine from head to toe (I know you can relate, girls!!).

Having the tag line "Try before you buy" from Sample Room PH, it got me a bit curious about it also from the name itself. Do they give free samples from different brands for free? Fortunately YES. I've known Sample Room from a blogger (I'm following on Instagram) when she posted the products she got from it. When curiosity strikes, I really have a thing for that! I looked for the social media accounts and site of Sample Room. Reading all throughout, I am convinced to try this out so I created an account (maybe 2 or 3 months ago). Who doesn't want to have sample goodies first before you buy right? This sounds amazing!

But unfortunately, I haven't tried it yet because when I created my account, those were the time when I still have classes and errands are really buzzing everyday. But right now I'm still into it and will definitely try! I made this blog post to share with you my insights and what I'm up for this month. Let's go and try Sample Room PH! For more details, visit their website:

P.S. This is not a sponsored post :)
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