Last Hurrah For Summer

8:54 PM

Going back to the place where you started and grown up would be one of the best to do this summer. And since my mom has finally finished their paper works in school, we had a family vacation for a while.  Two weeks ago, we visited Naujan, Oriental Mindoro where my mom originally came from. Me and my sister lived there back then when I was in Grade 1 to Grade 4 (2002-2006). It was just a 4 hours all in all travel (bus - ship - jeepney). And to seized the remaining days of summer, going to the beach is the best. 

Estrella Beach Resort is the well known beach destination here. Although not white sand, you can definitely see how they maintain it's cleanliness. Another factor why I always love visiting here is because there were only few residents here. You can enjoy taking photos, embrace the wind breeze and waves and have a peace of mind. And take note, there's no entrance f here. You will only pay for cottages/rooms at super cheap price! (Trust me when I say super hahaha) it's because of the location and of course province that's why everything here comes in affordable prices. Sounds great right?

I only had few photos of myself because my photographer (my sister) enjoyed the beach so much that end up of not taking photos of myself lol. But seeing them having fun is what made this trip memorable. Mom and Dad's face of not worrying about their work, yaaay! 

It's nice to be back here and will definitely go back next year. Now thinking of some things to do since only two weeks left and hello school for us! Can summer vacation be extended? If only......

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