To My Main Girl

2:00 AM

As a special request from my best friend, Jaymarie Catigan, I write a blog post about her. I mean about us. Because it's her special day right now. Happy Birthday girl! 

I will give a brief summary on how our friendship started. Way back 2008, it was our freshman year in high school when we became classmates but that time we're not yet close friends. The only memory on that year is when I am her monita on our christmas party (yes I still remember that!). On our sophomore year, it's the time when the friendship is built among us and we had our barkada group. Then everything goes along the way until our senior year. High school memories will always be the best! College days, we have separated because of our school choice but it's not the reason to end what we have back then. We always make sure that we hang out during our free time buy during busy days, social media got our back! And that's a quick throwback on how it all started. So here I made a list why she is my best friend - FOREVER <3

1. She know how to listen. It may sound like a simple task but no one gets attentive as her. Whenever I need someone to talk to, she's always there for me.

2. I trust her with all my secrets and she trust me with all of hers. She knows everything about me. I never hesitate to tell her something because I know she will keep it with herself. We will not let ourselves bring us down - our history runs way too deep.
3. We can make fun of each other and never take offense. Remember those embarrassing moments together? ( not to mention pls. lol!) Plus the inside jokes!

4. She always got my back. Whatever happens, she will be there and so I am to her.
5. She bring out my goofy side. We can talk to each other in our own language and take the most ridiculous photos of one another, just for fun - Snapchat! 

6. She know how to cheer me up when I'm down. She's just one call/text/chat away to comfort me all the time. Somehow she always know what to do and I'm forever grateful with that.
7. She can get me out of a seriously bad mood. I don't know how she do it, but she always give that radiating happy energy which never fails to make me feel better.

8. My travel/adventure buddy. When we hang out for days and never get sick of each other and each day would be like an awesome new adventure. Thank you for always going with me on Bloggers United! When we haven't seen each other for a while, it's as if we never separated.
9. Jealousy is never felt on our friendship. We've been very supportive for each other and always up to celebrate our successes. It's okay to gain more friends but NO ONE can replace her :)

10. We used eye contact to communicate. It depends on the situation, lol. I just giver her "that look' and she know what exactly I'm thinking. You know it girl, hahahaha!
11. I trust her gut instincts sometimes more than my own. I always ask her first what to do before taking action. Your gut speaks in gold, sometimes. Hahahaha

12. My number one fan/supporter. She always believe in me especially on my blogging career. Thank you for being the best cheerleader! On the path she's into, I'm always here support her. 
And there you have it, the 12 reasons why she is my best friend. This is probably the longest blog post I've ever done. Yaaaay! My birthday message sent to her already. Hope you like this little gift of mine. xo

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  1. Ugh. You're so sweeeet, girl! *teary eyed* Thank you soooo much for everything. Always got ur back! More memories/adventures together. Love you, girl! 😘❤

  2. You're welcome! 😙 I'm always here for you. Glad you liked it!


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