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Tadaaa! Happy 20th Birthday, self! (woot, can't accept lol) Well I still believe I'm on my teenage year - twenTEEN :P Another year has come for me and I'm grateful for that. So many ups and downs happened for the past years and I can't believe I surpassed them all. For a while I would like to remember how awesome and awkward my 19 years of existence had been. It was a roller coaster ride; mixed emotions of laughter, tears and everything in between. 

On a serious note as I turned 20 today, I feel a bit scared because I think I'm now an adult. The pressure and responsibilities were really in. I know that all of us doesn't want to leave our teenage years in order to enjoy what we want or as the song says "Live while we're young". But now I would like to welcome this chapter of a not-so-adult-but-not-so-young phase in my life. I can't wait to experience it with a new perspective. I am excited to do things on my own, explore, discover, meet new people and of course learn. I don't want to adult yet, but I am open to experience life in my 20s!

With that said, I want to share with you some of the things that I want to do/accomplish in my 20s. Hope you can also relate and learn a thing or two from me :) Enjoy reading!

1. Graduate on 2018. 3 more semesters to go! I can do this! :)
2. Complete my name with these three letters: C P A . In God's perfect timing.
3. Continue my passion for blogging. Despite of hectic school works, this never goes out of my priority.
4. Build a self confidence. #1 rule: BELIEVE IN MYSELF.
5. Save. Becayse not all the time my parents has to support me, in my simple way of saving I know it can help.
6. Travel. Around the Philippines and the world! 
7. Have my own clothing line. Sounds cliché, but since then I want to have this #bloggerproblems
8. Learn how to bake.(Though late hahaha) One reason: My love for desserts/sweets.
9. Learn how to drive. But first have a car hahaha! But seriously I want to learn :)
10. Try different cuisines. Even I'm very choosy when it comes to food, I'm open to try this. It may be Japanese, Korean, Chinese, etc.
11. Get back into sport. I really like playing badminton but I don't play that much this time because of school. Hope to spend my leisure time with this.

I'll just enjoy enjoy every moment that life will offer to me. Continue to move forward and keep going no matter what happens. "Life is hard and it will get harder, but you are strong and you will be stronger."

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