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11:46 PM

After my past personal and PR blog posts, I miss writing about fashion so here I came up with sharing to all of you my outfit for my birthday last October. For a quick reference, I celebrated my birthday with my sister at one of the famous parks in Laguna; Nuvali in Sta. Rosa Laguna :) Sorry for the late post because I'm really stuck with school works! :( #BuhayEstudyante

So here I wore a jumper skirt for the inner childish in me lol! Right now, I am having addiction on layering outfits. I feel that it's so comfy and the style never goes out. And you can mix and match it with different tops. I am not that too fashionable and I just love wearing stuffs like this that I can carry with myself. Light colors also attracts me well that's why my closet was mostly nude, white and pink.

Also my tip when you're too lazy to find what you'll wear: Go on dress or something like this :) because when we're having too much time in finding the perfect match for our top/shorts/skirt/etc, this one is the answer! The struggle is real for us girls, I know that! :P Every girl can relate that it really takes an hour before we find the clothes we're gonna wear. But that's life! Hahahaha

I also recommend you guys to check out Jukaykay atbp social media accounts and their physical stores! I highly recommend them because they have all the trendy and fashionable clothes that is super affordable! I am wearing ribbed top and jumper skirt from them :)

Top from Jukaykay atbp.
Jumper Skirt from Jukaykay atbp.
Flats from Solemate

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  1. Belated ^^ wish you all the happiness and health in life. i think layering over a shirt is so trendy nowadays. Love how you style your overall. ^^ you look so pretty on that outfit ^^


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