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9:45 PM

In the emerging blogging industry, lots of people had been eyeing for bloggers. On what they do on this job and how they manage their everyday life. This is just one of the major questions the readers want to know. Since 2013 I've been a fan of bloggers; that I really tracked on their social media accounts and blogs to know them better. It's also the reason why I became interested in blogging. I had my first blog in Tumblr but after few months later I transferred to Blogspot

As years go along, I discovered new faces in the blogging industry. Came 2015 (I don't remember what exactly month) when I was browsing Vina Guerrero & David Guison's Instagram posts, I became curious with the one tagged on the photo:  @chinchinobcena. I go through her account and mesmerized by her simple beauty and how she can carry different outfits. So I followed all her social media accounts and started reading her blog.

To cut the story short, Chin Chin Obcena became my inspiration in everything. And I am very thankful that I am chosen to attend at her first event last November 30, 2016 at Ball Pit Manila. I just want to share that Chin Chin herself is the one who invited me. Lucky me? YES! At the time I received her message, I really can't believe it. I've already met her on Bloggers United 11 but nothing conversation happened, I mean just a simple hi. It's just I bought from her booth and took a photo with her. That's why I don't want to miss that chance to bond with her. 

The event was organized by her and everything came to what we are expected. From the venue, foods and giveaways. It was indeed a fun day with her. We got to know her even more and chit chat to everyone including her friends :) We also had a little game where Chin Chin asked random questions about herself and who answered correct will won GCs. Gladly, I know something about her! Hehe. Love my GCs lol!

Through this event, I had new friends which I can considered a new family. Everyone is accommodating and friendly! And by that, I came up writing the things on what I looked up to Chin Chin. Here it goes:

1. She keeps her readers attached to her. Not just through social media but personally! She never treated us on the boundary of readers instead as her friends.

2. She is a cheerful and positive person. I don't know her a lot but on what I see, she can juggle everything through her positive outlook in life.

3. She is beautiful inside and out. The first time I saw her on Instagram, just wow. She became my instant girl crush! Physical appearance is the thing we looked into first, (#reality) but what I want to see is the beauty within and I didn't fail. Chin Chin have it inside and out.

4. She can balance school and blogging. As an aspiring blogger and student, this is what I looked up into her. She can do both at the same time. Through her Snapchat and Instagram stories, I saw how she managed both well. I hope I can too.

5. She keeps her feet on the ground. Though she had been a known blogger up to this time, she never forget to remain what she really is. I know that on what where she is right now is a mixed of handwork and perseverance.

Though I already gave a message to her on that day, I want to share it here:

"Hi, Chin if you're reading this I just want to say that I'm really thankful to meet you. Thank you for being an inspiration to us. Just continue doing what you love and don't forget that no matter what we're here for you. I hope we can have that bonding again soon. We really had fun! You deserve everything that you have right now. Keep on shining! Love you always" ❤

#ChinXBallPitManila #ZaloraPH

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