How To Stay Motivated

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Being in college, a BSA student I mean is a no joke. Seriously. I know all my fellow BSA students can relate. But what I'm trying to say is that it really needs effort and a lot of time to focus on studies. This course has never came into my mind when I was in high school to took for college. It's when enrollment came and there, I just wrote BS ACCOUNTANCY. As years go by, I started to love that course. Though it's not my thing, I learn to cope up and do my best. I finally did but there comes a time that I feel like I didn't give my all. Experiencing stress from the subjects is very frustrating that I don't know what to do first. But that's life, I realized that I will not be in this course until now if it wasn't for me. Maybe it's in God's plan.

How to stay motivated in college even though it feels like giving up? Well read below my recommendation and hope it will also work on you! :)

1. F-O-C-U-S. I know there's a lot of distractions. Number 1 is the social media, I'm self proclaimed attached to it and I think I can't live without it lol. But I just manage my time well and check on my accounts during my break time while studying. It's just a balancing act actually. When you have a peace of mind I'm sure you can focus well.

2. Organized school papers. This is what I love the most, I'm the type of girl who is super OC on my things. Like I want it to be on place always. I usually had a big envelope every semester where I can put all my notes, handouts, exercises, etc. so that when I need it I can find it right away. Plus my books were arranged accordingly. I think this can help because you will find a wider and clean space in your study area.

3. Have a break. It's not always books! Find some time to keep you relax to lessen the stress. Eat out with friends at least once a week or have yourself some retail therapy :)

4. Be inspired with your family. I know we all do this to pay off our parents in the future. I'm very happy that my family were supportive and they just keep on telling me that I can do it. By that, I am more inspired to study well. Let them be our inspirations.

5. Do your passion. For me it's blogging, it has been my hobby first and then turned into passion. I just love writing everything that comes into my mind and share with everyone. It also helps me lessen the stress plus by reading other bloggers blog!

6. Reward yourself. This is very effective because as it makes you strive more and then when you passed or didn't have a failing grade, it's time to reward yourself for doing a great job. Like for me I buy lipstick or clothes.Or even a food trip is also fun!

Whatever your strategies on how to stay motivated is dependent on your own. It's just a matter of doing things equally. Everything will fall perfectly into place, believe me. When you think you can't, think again. Discover yourself and don't let stress and problems cover you. We can do it! Cheers! xo

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