I Found The One

11:06 PM

Last month I joined #KedsxRochelle giveaway on Instagram wherein the prize is a pair of Keds shoes, anything choice of the winner for the celebration of 100 years of Keds (since 1916). And luckily I am the one. So thankful and at first I cannot believe it. That will be my first pair from Keds. I am used in joining giveaways recently because I just want to try my luck out of it. Watch out for my year end blog post where I will write all of my winnings this month hahahah. 

Back to the story, I went to Gloriette for my pull out with Keds. It's really hard to choose; especially choosing the one you love. Ay joke, iba na pala yun hahahahah lol. I love all their styles plus the latest collection of Minnie Mouse and Kate Spade. Since then I want a white sneakers, their Triple White. But I fell in love with these Minni Mouse print. Ahhhh so cute and I want to use it everyday! Plus the triple platform which adds height. 

So I finally found the one. The one pair of Keds that will complete for my outfits. It is very versatile that it can be paired with any outfit. Like I'm not into heels person, only when I have events to attend. But for everyday errands, sneakers like this is a must have! More Keds to come! xo

#KedsStyle #Keds100

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