Blogging For Three Years

2:32 AM

Happy New Year! Another chance for everyone's dream to be fulfilled. During this time, I always have a double celebration. It's my blog anniversary! Happy 3 Years!!! Yaaaay. 3 years blogging and it never felt like a competition and pressure to other  bloggers. I must admit that even it has been 3 years writing and sharing in the internet, I am not that active because of school. There comes a time that I've been on blog hiatus for straight 5 months. And it's okay. I didn't feel that I need to update it so that I can follow others. 3 years of sharing my passion to everyone through writing in this blog may it be fashion, lifestyle and personal matters. And with that, I came up with the learnings that the blogging industry has brought to my life and became the person I am as of now.

1. Number of followers is not important. In this world that social media is used, I don't mind if I only have few followers. It's not the numbers that will represent yourself but it's the thought of what you share in the online world and your personality.

2. Sponsorships are gained not asked. I have read thru a website that there are some bloggers who asked for sponsorships. I don't and I will not do it no matter what. I am thankful that there are PR companies and some shops that trust me. I don't blog just for the perks behind it, a passion is worth reason for.

3. Upgrade my writing skills. Though I'm really not that good enough to be a blogger when it comes to proper writing, I learned a lot as year goes by through reading other blogs. By that, I got inspiration to do well in writing.

4. Always stay classy. Not in the bad term of classy but what I say is that dress accordingly. For instagram and blog lol. This time around, I became more OC on what I am going to wear. I also into buying clothes just to reserve for future events or OOTD for the blog. Clothes are blogger best friends, I think hahaha.

5. Find inspiration. I found mine through Blogger Besties and some other bloggers here in the Philippines. I'm really inspired on how their humble beginnings brought their life into where it is now. Hoping that one day I can be the best that I can be, just like them. Also thankful for my family who's very supportive on believe in my blogger self.

As new year came, my number one resolution is to be active on my blog. I'll try to juggle it with my studies at the same time. I think time management is a key but school works plus thesis is kinda hell, lol. To all newbie bloggers, I am happy that you enter the blogging world. It's really fun and fulfilling. And to other bloggers, thank you for the inspiration and let's continue to share our thoughts in the online world. Cheers to 2017! ❤

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  1. Newbie blogger here.. thanks for motivating me in entering blogging world. Im praying that I will be successful like youu

    1. Hi Bella, I'm sure that you can be successful in blogging too! Enjoy and do it with passion 😊 thanks for dropping by!❤


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