How Blogging Became My Hobby Turned Into Passion

10:20 PM

In line with the celebration of my 3rd year in blogging, I made this very personal post to share how blogging entered in my life. It just came unexpectedly and accidentally, I guess a beautiful surprise. Writing has never been a hobby for me since my childhood years but during my junior year in high school I started enjoying essay type exams. And that's only it. I'm not the student who's passionate in writing on a diary. Maybe back then, I hate it.

But life will never be the same as years went by. I was a self confessed social media addict when it became hit. Name it and I have all accounts, lol! It was 2013, when I was browsing outfit photos to peg on one of our school events. I'm typing "fashion outfits" then Google suggested "fashion bloggers" the curiosity in me clicked the suggested one. And the first one I checked was of Patricia Prieto. I read her blog,  stalked and followed all her social media accounts and in turn, I discovered the Blogger Besties. From then, I got inspiration from them to dress up and build my own blog. 

I started blogging in Tumblr but few months after, I discovered Blogspot and until now it's my blog platform. At first, I don't know what to write. So many questions popping out in my mind. Can I write accordingly? What if people don't like it? Am I really into this? These are few of my hesitations but a little self esteem boost in me. From outfit posts to personal to lifestyle to press release posts, the blogger me enjoys whatever I write. Blogging changed me a lot. It is a way of documenting my personal style and life. I don't have a camera until now, I only use my phone. But it never became a hindrance for me to stop blogging. 

Back then, I just consider it as a hobby. Like spending writing on my blog during my free time. It's like an online diary. I don't care if people will read and view it. What I know is it's just a hobby. As years went by, I felt like it's a need for me to update my blog and write blog posts as many as I can. And by that time I think it's when I started loving it. That it became a passion. I never blog because of the perks behind it, but blogging makes me happy without any consideration in return. Though there are times that I'm on blog hiatus because of school, I made a time to create a post even if it's just one blog post. I don't want to missed a chance to share my insights. I know I'm not a pro and until now I'm still learning. From all the bloggers here in the Philippines who brought so much inspiration to me, I really learned I lot through reading their blog plus tips and tricks on fashion and photography. 

I am very grateful that the blogging world entered in my life. No words can express how much this passion mean to me. To the people who always believe in me, my family, best friend, friends, readers and to my followers, thank you for hanging up with me all the time. I'm finally on my 3rd year in blogging and it's not possible without the encouragement you gave to pusursue this. Let's continue sharing moment together and I will let you virtually enter in my colorful world through this blog. Happy 3 years, blogger self! xo

Top, Coat and Skort from Hip Culture
Shoes from The SM Store

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  1. Nakakainspire 3 years ka na nagbblog. Haha Samantalang ako. Puro draft lang puro sulat sa journal then wala na magllayout lilipat ng blogging platform. (Konting push pa self! Konring motivation pa). Continue to pursue your passion. And I am one of your readers. Godbless.

  2. Hi Bella, thanks for the sweet words! You can do it as long as you're happy with it :)


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