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It's been a while, I missed my blog. Writing anything under the sun and sharing it to everyone. Been a bit on blog hiatus because of school (thesis x school works priorities -.-) but here's my first entry for February; and for this one, it's an outfit post. If you can still remember, last January my cousin got married and this is what I wore. I basically don't like dressing up too much especially on occasions like this. I always go on simple style yet event appropriate. Quick trivia: Night before the wedding day itself, I planned what will I wore and guess what, my closet looked like a hurricane passed by! Lol, girls will always be girls! ;) Since it's a formal event, I choose these dainty dress from Hip Culture paired with pastel pink sandals from Melissa Philippines. Don't you just love the color hues? Because I do,  pink is forever!

The garden wedding held at the Summit Point Golf and Country Club in Lipa, Batangas. And the view is overwhelming (golf course area on the view), like I want to have a venue like that soon! The details, flow of the program, food and reception is perfect! Ahhhh. Too good to be true but I think that's the first grand wedding I have attended. Kuddos to everyone behind it!

So the details of the dress is that it came up with a ribbon on the neckline which I super like, feels like I'm so girly that day plus the ruffled design on the bottom which is so flouncy. The Salinas sandals which added a little height from Melissa finishes my entire outfit. Pastel pink is everything! Glam up all by myself in a very simple look because ya know, I'm still learning when it comes to make up. But I used all Happy Skin cosmetics all over.

I always believe that what you wear speaks for who you are, and by this you'll probably know my personality. Simplicity is always the key but don't always forget to add a little sugar and spice in between  What do you think of this outfit? Comment down below your thoughts and I would love to read them all!

PS. All photos were shot by mother dearest! Sorry for the grainy quality, took it at almost passed 5pm.

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