March Favorites

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March has almost (5 more days) come to it's end. How time really really flies so fast?! Like I didn't even blog for this month because of my hectic and oh so busy schedule in school especially when we're finalizing our thesis. And good news, we made it! Our group PASSED! And it has also been a hella week for us, last week in school = final exam :( we have until Wednesday to kick off this second semester! Konting tiis nlang, bes hahahaha. I can't wait to chill for a while before my On the Job Training start (no rest for this school year huhu)

After that small chikka, this blog post is dedicated for my "March Favorites". You all know the drill about posts like this. It's my comeback on my blog and this time around sharing what's my everyday essentials/favorites has made my inner thought of ending March. So keep reading below and you might have the same items you'll love with me! ;)

1. Penshoppe Body Spray in Blown Away - I used this since the latter date of February and I really love it! The scent is so me, girly! Haha. And lasted for so any hours. Penshoppe has always been my fave brand when it comes to perfumes.

2. Happy Skin Shut Up 7 Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie  - Nude and pink shades is a must. ALWAYS.

3. Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara - as the tag line says: "Make eyes come alive" I'm always a Maybelline girl!

4 . Queen Street Sling Bag - I bought this from Supersale Bazaar last January. I find it cute and super convenient to use because I can put all my things in it.

5. Salachaussures Flats - my almost everyday go to pair! Don't you just love the ribbon details at the back? :)

6.Forever 21 Earrings Set - Fun fact: I cannot leave the house without my earrings. So no need to further explain the reason why this one is on my list lol!

7. Broadway Gems Necklace - I bought this just for me to accessorize because I really don't often wear too many accessories, or if I wore it's just  simple/few pieces.

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