Weekend Uniform

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Finally second semester is over! Thank you Lord for the guidance all throughout this stressful and challenging academic year. So this means that I'm back to blogging. Oh wait, I still have my OJT this summer. But I hope I can manage both. After all, writing will always be my passion and I can't leave it as simple as that.

For this post, I'm featuring my basic uniform on weekends. Specifically, my Saturday outfit in school. It's very a different side of me whenever I dress in school vs what I wear during hangout/events. When I go out with friends and during events or occasions, I always dressed like my blogger self. From head to toe, you'll definitely see the fashionable me. But during school days, I always choose the basic style - it's just like "lazy dressing" lol. 

My kind of basic outfit would be like this: 

1. Crop top - It's always comfortable and with this, I get to style myself easily. No need to be late in school! Hahahaha. Oversize shirts is also included on my version of basic ootd. My kind of not so girly self!

2. High Waist Jeans - To add a little drama, tucked in oversize shirt with high waist pants is my fave combo. For this outfit, the crop top is perfect to paired with in this light blue jeans. Of course, jeans is always the number 1 must have in every girls closet. 

3. Sneakers - Who doesn't love sneakers? Comfort and style in one! Especially this one from Keds :) my everyday choice of footwear! As you know, I'm really into flats person because I can move easily and run on all my errands. I also love wearing sandals and doll shoes that shows my girly self, as always hehe. 

And there you have it, my weekend uniform is done! It's very simple that I super love and still stylish for me. Let me know what's yours and share them in the comment section below! Would love to hear if we're the same or what's your style :)

Crop top from Jukaykay atbp. 
Shoes from Keds
Choker from Broadway Gems
Watch from Guess

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