Korean Beauty Starter Kit: Rucy's Vanity Philippines

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As this generation, there are a lot of trends coming in. From fashion, style, make ups and even food and lifestyle. One thing I noticed is the Korean drama fever! (Are you one?) I have to admit that I'm not in binge with that craze. I don't know why. Everything about Korean culture became a hit right now - and for that I'm a fan when it comes to Korean fashion and makeup. I really like how they've influenced me thru their stylish, chic and cute outfits. And because I'm starting learning about the world of beauty glam, I find Korean makeups a must have based on what I've seen on the internet and social media.

Good thing Rucy's Vanity let me in to try Korean makeups. For a short background of this brand, it is a 100% Korean skin care and cosmetics brand for both men and women. Rucy's Vanity offers high quality products with affordable price. As I heard before about this brand, what came into my mind is that it is too pricey, but believe me it's really affordable! 

Continue reading below for the price and review of the goodies they've sent to me :)

Rucy's Vanity Gleamy Whitening BB Cream (30 ml) 
Price: Php 200
Shade: Natural, Oak
I've got the natural which is perfect for my morena skin. I used it as my base and what I love about this is it's easy to blend and help hide imperfections.

Rucy's Vanity Liquid Eyeliner (7ml) 
Price: Php 160
Color: Black
I'm not yet used when applying eyeliner because I can't draw them straight (oh no hahaha) but I guess it's a matter of proper practice lol. This one is long-lasting and waterproof do no need to worry!

Rucy's Vanity Gleamy Lavish Waterproof Mascara (7ml) 
Price: Php 180
Color: Black
This is my favorite!!! I love how it's easy to apply and gives my lashes a volumized and longer look plus it's smudge proof. Super thumbs up! You better try this out and for sure you won't regret. It's such a steal for just Php180! :)

Rucy's Vanity Auto Eyebrow Pencil (0.33mm) 
Price: Php 80
Colors: Black, Brown, Gray
I got mine in Brown which is the color I usually used for my brows. The special for this one is the price! Huhu I'm gonna cry because after so many times I always bought a Php 200-300 eyebrow pencil. This is like the usual but it is retractable that creates a precise line to achieve those kilay goals because kilay is life! Hahaha

Rucy's Vanity Lip and Cheek Red (8ml) 
Price: Php 80
To complete the entire Korean look, lips and cheek should don't lie! And this two in one product is a must have! It looks cute in this size and perfect for travelling. It gives a girly and natural look in its red/pink color. It contains green tea and collagen that moisturizes and smoothens the lips. 

And there you have it, can I be a K-beauty addict now? I guess yes! Big thanks to Rucy's Vanity Philippines for sending over letting me try the cosmetics. You never know how happy I am whenever I have a brand collaboration, it's an honor that you have your trust to me. Thank you so much and til the next one! ❤

Here's my look using Rucy's Vanity:

Check out other products of Rucy's Vanity on their 

Don't miss out on this quality and affordable skin care and cosmetics brand. I know you don't want to missed it! 

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