SM Style Series: Blogger Besties

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SM Style Series are events conducted by The SM Store through top fashion, stylist, photographer and beauty influencers for the weekends of April and May. It is a series of talk in different topics that will surely help us define and upgrade our own summer style.

Photo from Nicole Andersson

Last April 29, I attended the Blogger Besties (Laureen Uy, Kryz Uy, Nicole Andersson) talk on how to make an OOTD worthy. Knowing these girls for almost 4 years brought so much impact to my blogging self; I always make sure to attend and find time whenever they have events. They've shared a lot of tips and tricks on outfits, photography styles and angles, and of course the blogger pose that will finish the entire look. So thankful to @thesmstore for hosting event like this, the connection between the readers/fans is really important for us to communicate with them. I will always be grateful that I've met Blogger Besties for the inspiration they gave to all of us.

What I wore in this event is a crochet crop top from Karimadon,  a suede skirt from Forever 21 paired with sandals from Melissa Philippines. I chose this kind of outfit combination as I know that the heat is really on! Lol. But of course I find it fashionable and summer style worthy. I always have a girly style and I know you see it on all my outfit posts :P (who can relate? cheers to the girly gals like me!)

As the Blogger Besties said on their talk, balance the outfit you're wearing. Just what I did; since the sleeve of the crop top  is 3/4, I opted to show off my legs through the skirt. It creates composition and balance to the outfit. Comfort and style should always come in pair whenever you step out of the house wearing those OOTD with confidence so that you can carry it with yourself. Confidence is a key! :)

Photos by: Claire Baldueza of

Top from Karimadon
Skirt form Forever 21 
Shoes from Melissa Philippines

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