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As summer is slowly saying bid goodbye, my fashion mood also started to change. I always preferred comfy clothes so that I can easily run out on everyday errands. And because rainy season is finally here, I opt to wear jeans sweater and shirts. It's like my go to wear that I can use in school or whenever I have events to attend, I'll just add something to the outfit to look formal and classy.

For this outfit post, I took my jeans and off shoulder out for the opening of H&M Vista Mall Sta. Rosa. I personally want to attend this event to take a look on their newest collection and of course the freebies lol (Not sponsored tho).

If you've seen on my previous Bloggers United post, the off shoulder I'm wearing now is the same. Cause why not mix and match right? I really fell in love with this as it shoes my personality and the versatility it has. I paired it with a high waisted brand with fringe details at the bottom. I got this in Forever 21, and as I saw it in the store - love at first sight lol.

Pastels became my thing and I think light colored jeans matches it well. I can recreate another look using the jeans. This is a must have piece especially for a school girl like me. For a bell sleeve off shoulder like this, it can be use in events because the details gave a classy look and finishes with a girly style.

Whatever the season is, we should always look for the outfit that matches with it. Style is a need but comfort shouldn't be sacrifice over it.

Top from Jukaykay atbp. 
Jeans from Forever 21
Sandals from Melissa 

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  1. Love this outfit! So cute and fresh xo

  2. I sooo love your top, its color & style.


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