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9:40 PM

Hey guys! I know I've been MIA on the blog for 2 months (sigh) and sorry about that. It's because life was so toxic lately. You know, personal issues/problems that keeps me away from writing. These past few months brought a lot of challenge in my life. Well, no need to mention what it is; as I said earlier it's something personal. So for you guys to relate, I'll just share my thoughts and learnings based on what I've experienced these days. 

1. Not everything planned happen, sometimes those unplanned will came. This is TRUE! Well I think that's what life really is. So I think we need to accept what changes will happen even if it will make us happy or sad. 

2. Appreciate everything. Take note, even if it's just small things. While I was growing up, I only care for those things that matters to me but recently I realized the importance of everyone/everything - we must learn them/it to value. Sometimes the smallest things has the biggest value; we just tend to ignore it because we're always looking on the big one ;) 

3. Believe in yourself. Although sometimes I can't apply it due to lack of self confidence, I know this will help as only ourselves (except for our family/friends) will be our weapon in life. 

4. Enjoy life. Live in the moment and spend it with the most significant person in our lives. Explore, try new things and learn. :)

And that's it! I hope someone can also relate to me he he. As I always believe that life is like a game; sometimes you win, sometimes you loose. It's just a matter of how you handle every situation. 

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